ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE offers a new way to construct your high performance home. High performance homes (sustainable & green) are typically 30 to 50 percent more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts because they are designed as a system of interrelated parts –the “whole building” approach-and are equipped with energy-efficient mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

The steel framing system is engineered and pre-assembled in the factory. The pre-assembled wall panels and trusses are then shipped to the job site. The truss and wall panels are fastened together with self drilling screws for a frame that is stronger; more durable and safer than wood framed structures. Labor is reduced substantially, while the cost is comparable to or less than lumber. Unlike other steel framing systems that simple replace wood studs for steel studs (requiring the builder to frame the home piece by piece) ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE wall panels and trusses are ready to start assembly of your house. The wall panels are individually numbered, so it easy to lay out the house for assembly.

1. Wall Panel Layout- Prior to receiving you ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE framing package you will be sent a complete wall layout drawing that will show the exact location of each pre-assembled wall panel. When your wall panels arrive, they will each be numbered coded to coincide with the drawing. The frame will be assembled in a matter of hours.

2. Wall Assembly – Easy to handle wall panels are quickly raised into place at each pre-determined location. Drive pins and anchor bolts affix the bottom plate to the concrete and self tapping screws attach each wall panel assembly together. The holes for electric wiring are pre-cut during the fabrication process; use snips or saw to make cut outs for plumbing fixtures.

3. Truss Assembly – Because of the light weight-to-strength ratio of steel, pre-assembled truss assemblies are easily mounted over wall panels and fastened. No specialized equipment is necessary on most models such as forklifts or other lifting devices. Bracing members are also included that add additional strength to your roof. These roofs are designed for high winds and heavy snow loads.

44. Completing The Frame – Pre-assembled interior wall panels and soffit material complete your steel framed structure ready for any type of traditional finish materials of your choosing. Your ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE package includes a material sheet that lists the quantity of roof, interior and exterior wall materials necessary for your home. Our building package is perfect for the Do-it- yourselfers.



Before you receive building materials, you will receive a full set of plans to begin preparation of the foundation. Buyers also receive a complete set of erection drawings, and a step-by-step building manual. At this time the buyer can begin foundation work and fully educate themselves with the simple erection process.

Delivery of Materials

All materials necessary to complete the steel frame.

  • All pre-assembled wall panels and trusses
  • All self drilling screws necessary to make each steel to steel connection
  • Anchor bolts and other fasteners that connect the wall panels to the foundation.
  • All additional metal studs and bracing material for the completion of soffits, roof and other specialized areas of the structure.

Technology Makes It Happen

Computerized roll forming equipment makes each pre-assembled steel component for a given model while each panel and truss section is assembled in the factory.


Most all connections are performed with self drilling screws of various shapes and sizes. And with today’s modern drills connections are made much faster and easier. A connection made with a screw is far more secure than nail connections. This is yet another contributor to the strength and durability of the steel structure.

Steel Makes Sense

  • No grade variations
  • No knots or warping
  • No rotting or splitting
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fire Resistant
  • Immune to insects
  • No mold
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Superior Strength
  • Longer Lasting
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Handle
  • Less Material required.


The ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE Framing System provides a way for individual land owners to save thousands of dollars by either erecting the framing structure themselves or by saving on subcontracting fees through greatly reduced labor hours in the field. ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE customers can construct either part or all of the remaining home themselves; saving even more! Buying a ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE Framing System is for people who desire both quality and economy in their most important lifetime investment.

Clear Span Options

Included with each framing package are all pre-assembled interior wall panels following the standard floor plan for that model! However; most Haus homes feature clear span engineering that requires no load bearing interior walls. Buyers therefore have the option to create their own custom floor plan.


Now that you have seen the many advantages of ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE Framing Systems, lets now look at how they can be compared with today’s conventional building materials both interior and exterior facade. Regardless of the materials that you choose, there are no problems with attaching them to the steel frame. You will still use self drilling screws for securing your decking and wallboard to the frame. Siding and roofing will completed conventionally. Window and door frames are engineered into the frame and standard sizes accept most all standard products. Clear Span engineering requires no interior load bearing walls, making customization of the floor plan easy. ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE Framing Systems are perfect for the professional contractor as well as the do-it-yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are House homes really safer than wood frame homes?

– Absolutely. Even though certain exterior and interior materials may be combustible, the steel frame is fire resistant…most serious damage in homes caused by fire is frame damage. Other Material damage is much easier and cheaper to replace. And if that not enough, steel frame structures have proven to be much stronger in resistance to high winds, earthquakes, pests and lightning. Haus homes are where you want to have your family.

How much more am I paying for all the advantages of steel frame homes?

– In most cases you will actually save money and time by going with a House home. Why is this? Due to the many economic disasters in our national forest, steel (at the framing level) is at or below wood. Additionally, at least half of the erection in House homes is performed in the factory, via the pre-assembly of the wall panels and trusses. Not only does this save labor time in the field, it is figured into the total cost of the steel frame package…thus the buyer really gets half of the erection cost free! Ok, we still not through with the cost savings. Steel frames simply last a lot longer than wood. When wood frames and trusses have to be replaced over time, steel stays there…and stays there with no sagging, rotting, bending or distorting.

I don’t have much construction experience. Can I still erect this frame?

– Many ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE buyers elect to erect most if not all the stages of their homes themselves. Anyone with average mechanical skills (it is proven) can erect these frames. It is all pre-engineered and mostly pre-assembled. The builder just follows the detailed instructions supplied with the home. There’s no welding, or specialized equipment necessary unless you consider replacing a hammer with an electric drill a specialized equipment change. You do not need to know anything at all about load requirements, framing rules and regulations, or anything else concerning the engineering aspect of frame erection. Most frames and trusses can be easily lifted and positioned without the need for forklifts or other lifting equipment. Most do-it- yourself contract out the concrete work and may elect to sub out other stages such as electrical and plumbing.

How about changing floor plans or adding to a home?

– Many standard models are available with clear span technology. This means that there is no need for interior load bearing walls. Therefore walls can be moved, resized or taken out altogether.

ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE can customize any floor plan to meet the buyer’s needs. If you are adding on to your current home ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE can assist in design and customization of your plan. All ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE homes are designed and engineered to meet or exceed International Building Code.

I’ve seen other steel frame homes advertised. Are ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE homes the same?

– The answer is no! This type of pre-assembled panel and truss construction for home is new and innovative in the marketplace. The process from design, to making the studs, to assembly of the wall panels and trusses is controlled by innovative software and new technology driven machinery.