Ecological and Economical Thermal House in Ulaanbaatar

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The integration of advanced research and development with in-house tool manufacture and the construction of its own rolling machines has earned Ecological Thermal House Co., Ltd. its reputation as a major force in cold roll-formed technology.

Components designed and engineered by companies within Ecological Thermal House Co., Ltd. are manufactured for use in all types of industry from automotive and construction through to aerospace.

Advanced computer aided design technology is used in the development and production of a wide range of products setting high standards of performance and reliability.

Ecological Thermal House Co., Ltd. is a major source of light gauge steel framing within the Mongolian construction sector and a development of the Ecological Thermal House Co., Ltd. one of Mongolian first producers of cold roll-formed metal sections and a respected name in roll-forming innovation.

With hundreds of successful installations carried out by a nationwide network of experienced installers, Ecological Thermal House systems has acquired an enviable reputation as the approachable experts in light gauge steel framing methodology. Our flexible approach to providing clients with solutions to their construction problems has resulted in a rapid rise in sales and ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE is now the preferred choice of many installers, contractors and designers.

Accurate profiles manufactured to exacting standards and delivered to meet the tightest of build programs result in faster installation and less waste. A dedicated technical support team, comprising of qualified, experienced engineers and designers, are on hand to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget and to specification.

ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE may be specified and designed for use as both load bearing light gauge steel framing panels and as non-load bearing site constructed infill walling. Other applications include ightweight seating support structures, modular construction and internal as well as mid-rise external free standing structures. Whatever the preferred solution, by specifying steel, clients can be assured they are utilizing a lightweight quality product that minimizes environmental impact. Steel is a fully recyclable material with a proven pedigree in construction projects.

ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE products are manufactured from Chinese recyclable steel which is itself manufactured using re-cycled material in accordance with steel industry standards. Bolted and mechanical connections result in environmentally friendly construction methods - simplifying and assisting Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) targets for building design.

Load bearing

  • On site construction or offsite factory panelized methods available
  • Lightweight structure reduces foundation loading
  • Suitable for single storey through to mid-rise projects
  • Particularly suitable for inclusion in refurbishment or new build schemes requiring additional pent-house storeys to be added

Partition walling

  • Lightweight construction minimizes or obviates floor
  • strengthening Rapid installation developed for commercial, leisure and industrial projects
  • Suitable for refurbishment and new build schemes
  • Single span partition wall construction up to 6-12 meters high Excellent fire, thermal and acoustic performance

Auditorium seating support

  • Adaptable, lightweight, compact and high strength construction methodology
  • Considerable reduction in support structure dead load
  • Small easily handled components are eminently suitable for installation in confined spaces or projects with limited access
  • Speedy installation hastens project completion

Detailing and design

  • Comprehensive, project specific indicative design assists in accurate tendering processes
  • Full structural calculations supplied as an integral part of the order process
  • Detailed construction drawing service available to suit project requirements

Project support

Support from concept to completion

When considering light gauge steel framing the ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE team are available from project conception to completion both willing and able to assist with all design and construction issues. Working closely with clients and design teams, our personnel are able to inform and offer best practice solutions on the myriad of structural engineering requirements necessary to fulfill architectural ideas. Our team members are able to attend pre-contract meetings and frequently carry out site inspections to ensure work is carried out to a satisfactory level of competence and in accordance with design details.

Dependent upon project complexity and installation needs, detailed drawings can be provided in a number of different styles to suit working methodology. Typical working installation drawings may range from minimalist to all encompassing; whatever the requirement, Our team will provide them quickly and on time.

Market Sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Apartments
  • Health
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Tourism
  • Social housing
  • Living accommodation

Non continuous infill walling system

Non-Continuous Infill System creates a steel framed structural stud and track system suitable for use in construction projects where conventional block work might be considered. Our lightweight dry system offers savings in material weight, construction time and labor requirements. The system is fixed between primary structure members and is generally located at the slab edge to facilitate the fixing of insulation and external cladding materials which can run continuously outside the main structure if desired.

Steel framing full height stud sections are located and screw fixed via the flanges to shallow floor track section, itself fixed to the floor slab with fixings and intervals determined by structural calculations. The deep track head section is similarly fixed to the underside of the upper floor slab. Deflection within the primary structure is facilitated by a 25-35mm gap between the stud and head track which typically allows a stud/head track bearing of 35-45mm. As the stud is not fixed at the head track interface it is necessary to restrain the stud sections to resist lateral and torsional movement.

Our solution is the use of a Slip-Klip deflection head clip, screw fixed to the head track at every stud position. This method permits the use of reduced thickness head track and minimizes both material and fixing time over conventional blocking methods. If blocking is utilized, it should be fixed between the end pairs of studs and between every fourth pair. A number of Cill, Lintel and Jamb configurations are available to suit various design criteria. Services slots (100mm x 35mm) where specified are typically located 610mm from the ends of stud sections to facilitate the passage of services within the wall cavity. It is recommended that consideration is given to protecting services where they pass through service slots against any sharp edges that may occur.

Construction methods

Continuous external framing system

Continuous System is eminently suitable for buildings where the floor area needs to be maximized. Cleats are attached to the outer faces of the floor slabs using fixings determined by structural calculations. The continuous vertical sections are in turn attached to the FC Series cleats using appropriate fixings located through slotted holes to facilitate deflection within the floor slabs. Continuous infill system vertical sections are supplied in full height lengths up to a maximum of 16 meters. Consideration should be given to site access, handling and erection of long lengths of vertical sections. Where splicing of section is necessary, please consult ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE for assistance. A number of Cill, Lintel and Jamb configurations are available to suit various design criteria.

Continuous System is designed to carry lateral wind loads only. These loads are transferred from the outer cladding to the primary structure via the cleat connections.

Vertical movement due to deflection within the floor slabs is catered for by slotted holes in the cleats, therefore external cladding weight must be supported from a suitable structural member designed to carry these vertical loads. Where buildings exceed 3 storey's in height additional vertical load supports may be necessary in accordance with structural calculations.

The lower end of the vertical stud sections should be connected to a suitable support member to carry the vertical weight of the stud section together with attached insulation material, internal finishes, windows, exterior cladding (not masonry) etc. in accordance with structural calculations.

Load Bearing

Partition walling

Partition Walling is designed to perform as a single span partition suitable for use in industrial and commercial situations where a lightweight solution is preferred. Low bearing loads minimize or obviate the need for foundation or floor strengthening work. The result is shortened project time and reduced costs. High performance levels in respect of fire, thermal and sound transference are obtainable when used in conjunction with a variety of propriety finishes. Blocking and lateral restraint in accordance with structural calculations.



Auditorium seating support

A lightweight and highly versatile solution to seating support structures. Eminently suited to new build or refurbishment projects that have limited site access or restrictions on foundation loading.
The support structure utilizes cold roll-formed columns and beams supplied as individual pre-engineered components ready for site assembly.
Lightweight cold roll-formed sections combined with fabricated hot rolled steel extends the scope of this solution to larger structures. Project specific design criteria may be satisfied by specifying either a timber or a steel and concrete composite floor deck.

Components and ancillary items



Channel and track section sizes range from 70mm to 305mm deep with gauges ranging from 1.2mm to 2.5mm thick. Service holes and other punching configurations are included as specified. Full section specification is available upon request and fully itemized in all ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE structural designs.

Section may be manufactured specific to customer and project requirements; however some items such as track, angle and bracing strap are normally supplied in stock lengths for working on site.

Lead times are measured in days rarely weeks and, when situations demand it, occasionally hours! All part of the quality service afforded to ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE clientele.


A comprehensive range of accessories including our patented Slip-Klips and FC cleats are available ex-stock for next day delivery. Subject to project requirements it is often necessary to design specific ancillary items such as cleats, brackets, supporting steel and structural steel members. If required, and subject to availability and scope of manufacture; such items may be supplied as part of the ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE package thus offering clients a single source supply for their light gauge steel framing package.


ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE light gauge steel framing components are suitable for use in many construction applications. Typically they are inter-connected or connected to either hot rolled steel or a concrete primary structure. Fastening methods include self drilling and/or self tapping screws, powder actuated direct fastenings, resin or expansion anchors, bolts, self piercing rivets and clinching. Our close association with leading fastener suppliers enables us to offer assistance in the site application of fasteners - including pre-installation training and structural testing.

Fastenings and all applicable recommendations form part of our structural design package and are integral to the final design specification issued prior to installation. Whenever practical and always subject to structural design considerations, Our engineers will work closely with clients and installers to accommodate their preferred fastener supplier(s).

All ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE cold roll-formed section is manufactured from pre-galvanized structural grade steel to BJ CN 36521:2004 and complying to minimum specified values.