The lightweight steel structure for exclusive residential houses is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving construction. The building is made of galvanized light metal frame as structural components, and the metal profile thickness is usually 0.8 - 3.0 mm. It is significantly different from the H-beam steel structure and other general lightweight steel structure. Therefore, it is also called ultra-light steel structure system. The system was originated in Europe and America, and was further explored and developed in Japan. Now, it has turned out to be the ideal product to improve the living environment in the 21st century. It not only has changed the traditional rationale of residential structure, but also completely replaced the traditional brick, concrete and wood construction. It has truly achieved the objectives of standardized design, factory unified production and mechanized construction. All of these can greatly reduce the labor intensity and shorten construction period, which have been widely publicized and promoted overseas, as well as starting a housing industry revolution domestically in Mongolia.

Seven unique features of the steel frame structure houses.

  • High load bearing and light weight.
  • Seismic and wind resistance.
  • Suitable for any kinds of climate, with thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Prominent advantages in construction progress.
  • Thick galvanized coated material.
  • Sustainability and environment protection.
  • Improved usable floor area.

High load bearing and light weight.

Roof and walls structure are made of light gauge steel, with high loading bearing capacity (The general material thickness is about 1mm. The steel quantity is about 40kg/㎡for houses, and 30kg/㎡for multistory building), because of the light weight material, the transportation and relocation cost will be saved also, the building load to the foundation will be reduced and the foundation cost is less.

Seismic and wind resistance.

Steel structure with high ductility, seismic and wind resistance. Steel structure is convenient for manufacturing and can be repaired easier than conventional construction after nature disaster. The deadweight of steel structure is one fifth of the brick and reinforced concrete structure, it can resist 9.0 magnitude earthquake and a hurricane of 70 meter per second, so that the life and property will be protected effectively.

Suitable for any kinds of climate, with thermal and acoustic insulation.

As the wall is filled with fiberglass material, its insulation effect is much better than brick & concrete structure. Coupled with thermal insulated windows, it bears the ideal acoustic insulation, and energy saving features

Prominent advantages in construction progress.

Convenient for wire & pipeline installation

There is plenty of space in the wall frame and ceiling cavity in the steel frame made houses. Therefore, various pipes and wires can be laid inside the wall and ceiling(such as electricity wire, telephone wire, plumbing piping, and central air conditioning pipes etc.) with no wires and pipes exposed. It is easier for both installation and maintenance.

Reduced construction cycle and overall construction budget

The steel frame houses can be produced in the plant and then installed in field; it is not only for time-saving but also laborsaving.

Sustainability and environment protection.

All materials of the steel structure have little pollution and damage to the surroundings of the construction site, it can be easily rebuilt and detached. The main components are: steel, plaster board, particle board, fiberglass insulation and other environment protection materials. No contamination will be released and most of components can be recycled.

Improved usable floor area.

In residential buildings, architects and residents always hope to have a large span and spacious environment, so that the space can be divided flexibly and the room layout can be varied even more. Steel frame structure house can take advantage of the features of high-strength steel by adopting large column span in the space layout, making construction framework more flexible to separate. Because of the small size of the steel frame structure cross-section, the actual usable floor area is enhanced correspondingly.

The building method for the typical light gauge steel structure

1. Detail connection of panel and ground 2. Foundation and installation of the pipe and wire (drainage etc.) 3.Connection of panel and floor
4. Light steel floor 5.Roof board (OSB), roof water proof layer, roof tiles. 6. Installation of doors and windows
7. Installation fo the door and pocket door frame 8. Pipe and wire (drainage, power distribution panel, central vacuum system etc.)) 9. Pipe and wire ( power, telephone wire, net cable, air conditioning )
10.Panels, insert of the insulation 11. Exterior wall board Tyvek, iron wire net 12. Turn key