The purpose of this document is to give engineers, architects, builders and homeowners a better understanding of how galvanizing (zinc and zinc alloy coatings) provides long-term corrosion protection to steel framing members. This paper also suggests guidelines for selecting, handling and using these steels for steel framing.

The transfer of heat across this “thermal bridge” manifests itself in the form of increased energy consumption,

The purpose of this report was to compare the labor and material cost and energy performance (i.e., energy consumption) of steel-framed homes to those of nearly identical wood-framed homes.

Incidence Angles

Usually, architects are concerned about solar position in relation to the position of a window or solar collector.

cost to install solar home

Easy Steps To Estimate Cost of the Solar Power System. A very good answer is solar power.

Solar Radiation

It is critically important that the study of solar geometry not be limited to the building itself, but also include aspects of the site and surroundings.

Direct Solar Gain

Passive solar heating and cooling assist in creating sustainable buildings by reducing dependency on fossil fuels for heating and cooling buildings...

The map shows the average potential solar power in kWhr per sq meter flat collector surface (about 10 sq feet) per day in different parts of USA.

Day lighting strategies prefer diffuse or indirect light as it provides a more even amount of light in the room, and obviates many associated issues of glare and visual discomfort.

Vertically stacked and set into a hillside this Malibu house constructed of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

A zero energy building (ZEB) or net zero energy building is a general term applied to a building’s use with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually.

ECOLOGICAL THERMAL HOUSE offers a new way to construct your high performance home. High performance homes (sustainable & green) are typically 30 to 50 percent more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts...

We will exceed our customers’ expectations by working together profitably sto improve quality and service through investment in people and technology.


Prefabricated steel trusses offer a high-strength, light-weight roof system that can be installed quickly.

The lightweight steel structure for exclusive residential houses is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving construction.

Our goal is to incorporate a technology driven, standardized manufacturing system into the building process.